To celebrate our tenth birthday, lets scroll back to the dawn of Primate...

A headshot of Bart looking serious
A headshot of Gordon looking serious
A headshot of Espen looking serious

Primate is born! Founded by Gordon, Bart and Espen in June of 2011, we take some very serious photos and set up shop in the tiny attic space of a shared office on Hill Street, Edinburgh.

We were busy in our first year, onboarding over 20 clients and launching multiple sites, including our own which was nominated for a DADI award the same year.

Sabato website
The first ever Priamte website
FarrPoint website v1

We've been lucky  to work with some clients for the entire duration of our 10 years in business. In 2021 we launched the third iteration of the FarrPoint and M3 websites.

Bart and Chris sitting on a couch.
A screenshot of Kong, our doomed CMS homepage

In the summer of 2012, we start working with to redesign and rebuild their entire frontend user experience.

Chris becomes Primate’s first full time employee, joining Tymon, Bartek, and Blair who were already working with us on a part time basis. Our tiny attic space starts to take on the look of an illegal sweatshop.

FairTrade Software Foundation
First M3 web site
The StudioLR website

We partner with award winning brand agency StudioLR to build their new website.

Espen and Steve looking at something
Homepage of the second Primate website
PoetryZoo homepage

We launch the world’s first poetry social network, PoetryZoo, and discovered that erotic poetry was an actual thing.

Steve joins the team in 2013. We also move to a (relatively) more spacious Canon Street office, complete with a dedicated meeting room and toilet. Our dreams had come true.

Findr map
The team hard at work
Harviestoun Brewery homepage

We launch a new e-commerce site for Harviestoun Brewery which tripled online sales and ushered in a new era of engagement with beer fans.

The team playing Magic the Gathering
Change My Name homepage
SCCR homepage

We launch the new website for SCCR, one of our most long standing and beloved clients. It's a relationship we still cherish to this day.

Awards, growth, and 'Magic: The Gathering' were the theme of 2014. The latter becomes so prevalent, competitive, and addictive in the office, we eventually have to ban it.

New AH&Co website
SAMH velodrome website
Espen with an award

We win multiple awards, including two for the Harviestoun Brewery website. Espen took all of the award ceremonies very seriously.

Rebecca and Espen touring OGN
Rebecca and Espen touring OGN
Espen, Bart, and Gordon in Amsterdam

Espen, Bart, and Gordon travel to Amsterdam to speak in front of 500 people at the international Fronteers conference. They don't remember much of the trip.

Rebecca joins and starts plotting her way to becoming a director and shareholder. She succeeds four years later.

Cruise Loch Ness homepage
Espen asleep on the train
Original activpayroll website

We start working with activpayroll and Cruise Loch Ness and launch first versions of their sites. Both websites would be continually enhanced over the years to come & both remain great clients today!

Waterstons banner for an event
Steve and Bart at CLN
New Waterstons website

We launch the new Waterstons website, transforming them with an entirely new identity and online presence. One of our favourite ever projects.

Visibility website
Gordon with awards
Create A Smile homepage

We begin to work with incredible charities, including Spartan's Community Football Academy and Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and Children 1st.

Gordon wins the prestigious Young Businessperson of the Year award (completely unrelated to us working with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce at the time). He hasn’t let anyone forget since.

ECHC homepage
Spartans Football Academy homepage
Torran as a puppy in Chris' arms

Torran the Border Terrier, joins the team, bringing the total number of dogs in the office to three.

The Scottish Salmon Company homepage
Magenta Park homepage
Rebecca and Chris on a boat.

In November, we win The Scottish Salmon Company account. Rebecca, Chris and Espen are sent off on a tour of one of their salmon farms.

Espen waving goodbye
Ask Alex bot campaign
Bulba Handbook homepage

We launch one of the world's largest Pokémon resources, The Bulba Handbook. It gets 2 million visits in the first 30 days

Espen buggers off to Norway and eventually exits the business one year later. Sad times. We miss him dearly.

Children 1st - Give the Gift
M3 second homepage
CHAS homepage

We work closely with incredible children's hospice CHAS to redevelop their new website with their new brand.

Sprintr homepage
Snowy Primate office
Homepage for Draper Esprit

We work closely with our friends the fabulous CreateFuture to launch a new site for Draper Esprit.

New faces join the agency as our first ever full-time employee, Chris, leaves to relocate to the wilderness up North. We start the hunt for new office space beginning a year long saga.

Agencynomics event
Light Up A Life homepage
Gordonstoun website

We pitch and win the Gordonstoun School account, and launch a website that feels like their brand and campus, later that same year.

Our new office under construction!
New web platform for JPI Media
LearnGaelic homepage

Our new office is treble the size of our previous one and comes with a meeting room, an auditorium for workshops and events, a kitchen, and, count 'em, two toilets.

Steve and Rebecca become directors and buy shares in Primate at a ridiculously undervalued price. We move into an incredible new office. Rebecca and her husband are both diagnosed with cancer.

New Strathallan website
Rebecca with cancer
New Scottish Book Trust website

Scottish Book Trust becomes one of our loveliest clients as we help them transform their entire digital offering.

Primate group zoom call
Iro tool
Scottish Seabird Centre homepage

We work to deliver a new site for the Scottish Seabird Centre, a fantastic charity in North Berwick.

The Pandemic Strikes! In March we all start working remotely. Despite the numerous challenges, we still manage to welcome new staff and onboard new clients, ending the year on a high.

The two Colins playing D&D remotely
Sunshine Communications homepage
Crerar Hotels website

We hold our first (and last) socially distanced virtual Dungeons & Dragons Christmas party. Staff commented that it wasn't as awful as they feared.

The empty office
New Seamab homepage
Ingasaurus campaign site

We launch the Ingasaurus campaign in February to help raise £250,000 for a life saving heart operation for Bart’s 5 year old niece, Inga.

A tough start to the year, we slowly make our return to the office after another long and difficult lockdown. We remain positive about the future though as the team grows again, taking our total headcount to 14.

M3 homepage
Colin and Raf
Converge homepage

Academics Assemble! Our work for Converge, helping academic innovators to become epic entrepreneurs, is nominated for a Marketing Society Star Award.

Here's to the next 10 years!

Birthday monkey!

A massive thanks to each and every one of our clients, partners, friends and cheerleaders for making this past 10 years a real blast. We're excited about the future and have big plans going forward! We can't wait to take you with us.

Team Primate